Communications Plan

Waste Audits 
To be completed w/o May 1 /2011  
Current Waste Contracts
Review garbage and recycling contracts  
Report and Recommendations on Audits
To be completed w/o June 1, 2011  
Meet with Communications branch

Discuss ‘who, what, when, where, why, how’

Launch date, Communications’ involvement, etc.

Senior Management Approval

Briefing by consultants to Communications Branch

Presentation by Communications Branch to Senior Management

Letter from Senior Management goes out to staff - mention waste audit results

Name Program Coordinator and Implementation Team; Look for Volunteers for Green Team
  Communicate Coordinator and Implementation Team’s name to staff; ask for volunteers for Green Team (one per complex)

Train Implementation Team on all aspects of the program

Educate Green Team on program details

Act as resource for Green Team questions

Communications for Green Teams which explains program and team’s roles and responsibilities

Communications for staff - explain program, launch date, identify Green Teams, etc.

Service Contractors

Educate janitorial staff about changes to the way they deal with waste

Confirm acceptable recyclables with recycling company

Prepare communications materials for janitorial staff

Communications for recycler and garbage contractor to explain program and increased/decreased loads

Confirm materials accepted by recycler


Identify equipment labelling needs

Assess equipment needs and when necessary, coordinate equipment orders with vendors





Coordinate placement of equipment

Prepare ‘What goes in” lists for various equipment; update and/or create labels for existing equipment

Create “Watch out for these centers/bins” communications for staff (and janitorial) with information about materials accepted in each container


Prepare signage for recycling centers

Leadup to Launch

Coordinate removal of remaining deskside garbage bins and distribution of desktop mini-bin and desktop recycling equipment


Ensure all equipment received and in place

Communications for staff explaining uses of desktop containers

Reminder about removal of deskside bins and launch date


Confirm all labelling and signage in appropriate places

  Assign Senior Management staff for launch
Assist and offer backup for launch event

Send out invitations for launch event

Remind staff about launch event

After audits Give feedback to staff about progress of program


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