Associations & Affiliations

CleanRiver® Recycling Solutions is actively involved with associations that support our commitments to innovation and the environment.


  • Aurora Chamber of Commerce

    The Aurora Chamber of Commerce supports the development of local businesses in CleanRiver®’s hometown of Aurora, Ontario. The Chamber provides resources to residents and business owners and opens doors to the global business community. CleanRiver® was also the recipient of the 2010 Business Achievement Award for Business of the Year

  • Recycling Council of Ontario

    RCO is an advocate for environmental issues surrounding waste management in Ontario. From policy development and education to project-based recycling initiatives, the Recycling Council of Ontario has been an important part of advancing the reduction and recycling of waste in the province for over 30 years.

  • TEC Canada

    TEC Canada provides a forum for CEOs and other business leaders to collaborate and to learn from one another to further advance their businesses. Interaction with peers and access to a diverse range of speakers and other resources provides added perspective for innovation and advancement.

  • United States Green Build Association

    The USGBC is leading the way in promoting the environment in building practices in the United States for sustainable communities. The organization pioneered the LEED certification for green building materials and practices, and provides nationwide education and advocacy opportunities.


CleanRiver® CEO Bruce Buchan talks about TEC Canada

President of CleanRiver Recycling Solutions, Bruce Buchan, talks about the peer advisory role his TEC group plays, including networking, opportunities and sharing of expertise that have enabled him to grow his business.