New Product Releases

  • CleanRiver® Offers Expanded Transition® Line
    We introduced our first Transition® products, the TPM and the TRH, two years ago as we celebrated 20 years in business and now we celebrate the expansion of the Transition® line, adding 6 new products, each with unique features that fill a need in the market.
  • Configurable Recycling Containers Support Recycling at Every Step
    AURORA, Ontario (September 13, 2011) – CleanRiver™ Recycling Solutions, a division of Midpoint International, Inc., has introduced waste and recycling stations that make it easy to implement recycling programs and adjust to future changes. Transition™ TRH Series Configurable Recycling and Waste Stations use stream-specific, interchangeable opening plates and moveable internal dividers to accept multiple types of recyclables in a single unit that is easily configured – and reconfigured – to meet current and future waste stream requirements...
  • New Recycling Bin From CleanRiver Meets Changing Waste Requirements
    Good recycling management will boost financial performance by reducing waste disposal costs, enhancing the physical appearance of facilities by reducing litter and improving the environment...