Getting Started on Your Recycling Program

Things to consider for a successful recycling program

At CleanRiver®, we know there’s a lot to consider when initiating a recycling program, and that there are some things you may not have thought about yet. The following list will help you to look at the bigger picture, so that you can prioritize what’s realistic for your current resources:


What recycling do you need for desks, kitchens, classrooms, factory floors, and any other areas? Consider doing a visual waste audit of your facility to see what types of waste are being generated and where. This will give you a good baseline that you can use to measure against after your program has been implemented.


What types of streams will you be recycling in your program? 

Recycling Containers

What types of recycling bins and signage or communication will you need to manage your streams?

Waste Management

What processes and agreements are currently in place with your custodial staff and waste management provider?


What budget and human resources are available to launch your recycling program successfully? Are there any grants you might be eligible for to assist?


Are people in your organization likely to be open to participating and how can you best engage them, including management?

See a detailed list of steps for how to get your recycling program up and running. Our helpful sales representatives can help you to assess your needs and make recommendations for the right recycling containers to achieve your goals. Contact us today for assistance.