Innovative Design for Recycling Bins

Recycling bins designed to suit your purpose and environment

All CleanRiver® recycling containers, recycling stations and waste bins are designed to provide recycling solutions that are both practical for implementation and esthetically fitting for your surroundings. 

Our standard product lines exemplify our experience in recycling solutions and what it takes to achieve greater success. From our earliest innovation with the Mini Bin™ desktop garbage can to our series of Transition® containers that allow you to future-proof your recycling program with configurable bins that adapt to changing needs, our recycling containers and stations are designed to resolve your recycling challenges. 

In-house design for customized recycling solutions

If the success of your recycling program requires customization to create the right recycling containers for your environment, CleanRiver® has knowledgeable and skilled designers to help. We’ll design your custom bins to have the functionality you need in the appropriate materials, and with suitable recycling graphics for practical functionality.

Diverse materials for manufacturing your recycling containers

At CleanRiver®, we manufacture our recycling bins with the highest degree of recycled content and environmentally friendly raw materials available on the market today.

We constantly seek out new materials that can push the recycled content higher to ensure that you are receiving the most environmentally responsible product offering available on the market. We work with recycled plastic lumber, and/or metal and other materials – learn more about our green manufacturing.