Make a Plan for Your Recycling Program


Before proceeding with plans to implement your recycling program, it is important to:

  • Ensure there is available money to cover equipment, communications, etc.
  • Decide in which financial year purchase of equipment will take place
  • Discuss how savings from the program can be used for future expansion of the recycling program
  • Seek approval from senior management
  • Develop, write, and distribute greening policy once approval is received
  • Get buy-in from cleaners/custodial staff
  • Get approval to create a short-term Building Program Implementation Team, consisting of Waste Reduction/Recycling Officer, Health & Safety Rep., Union Rep., Communications Branch Rep., etc.

Recycling Program Details

Waste Management Contracts

  • Look for a recycling contractor who will accept the full range of materials
  • Discuss possible changes to existing cleaning, garbage removal and disposal contracts

Equipment – Recycling Containers & Stations

  • Determine the type and design of recycling containers, including the required graphics
  • Determine the number of containers to be ordered and their placement
  • Select the following:
  • Central recycling container type - square or round, plastic or steel, determined by space restrictions 
  • Desk side paper recycling bin
  • Desktop garbage Mini Bin
  • Liners and dispensers for Mini Bins
  • Color - ensuring the desk side paper recycling bin and central paper recycling bin are the same color,
                the same follows for the desktop garbage Mini Bin/central garbage bin
  • Appropriate bags for lining central containers

CleanRiver® will work with you to determine the best containers to suit your needs and program requirements.

Developing the Communications Package

  • Create a communications plan for rolling out your recycling program to your staff
  • Perform a waste management survey of your staff to determine an anticipated level of buy-in and participation.
  • Set up internal Green Teams to help get the word out on the recycling program
  • Create interest in the program by using local newsletters, etc. to inform staff about the arrival of the program
  • Prepare special communications pieces for cleaners/custodians to inform them about the program

You've done what with my wastepaper basket?

Your staff needs to be informed about the recycling program that is going to create changes in their work habits. They need to understand why you're doing the program, what difference it will make to them personally and globally, and how it's going to work. Knowledge is power and when your staff knows what's going on, they will feel a part of it and will contribute to its success.

That's a silly name for a recycling program!

It is important to give your recycling program a name that makes sense in the context of your company activities. The name and logo have to be easily recognized.

Please keep in mind that every location is unique in the way of handling recyclables and waste. Some locations are at ground zero while others have some form of office recycling already in place. The initial audit will determine current rates and successes while formulating a plan to maximize the recyclable materials leaving the facility.