Support Materials for Your Recycling Program

Recycl​ing slogans and graphics that go beyond posters and labels

There are so many ways to promote your recycling program, with lots of places in your organization to reinforce your communication to build a true recycling culture. Put these ideas to use in your space for even greater participation and return on investment in your recycling program!


Free-standing banners give you flexibility in placing your message throughout your facility or at events. For a more strategic fixed placement like a cafeteria, a hanging banner can be an effective tool in promoting your program message while reinforcing your corporate branding.

Tent Cards

Tent cards are ideal for reinforcing your recycling program message with easy but highly visible placement on tabletops in cafeterias and general purpose areas.

Program Communication Posters

You can go beyond the posters on your recycling bins to share your message throughout your facilities. Communication posters for your recycling program can be printed on different substrates, depending on the application. These include vinyl, ABS, and more!

Back-of-House Auxiliary Labels

After your staff have successfully streamed all recyclables, help ensure their work is successful right through to waste pick-up. Guide your employees and custodial staff in proper material handling and disposal with back-of-house auxiliary labels.