Recycling Expertise 

Let our experience and knowledge help you build the right recycling program with the right recycling products

CleanRiver® has been leading innovation in recycling products and programs for more than 23 years, and we understand the challenges you face, including learning how to:

  • Prevent high contamination in recycling streams due to confusion amongst participants as to what is truly recyclable
  • Build awareness, interest, and engagement through education and communication to let participants know that they can make a difference
  • Design collection streams that maximize return on investment and select products to help manage those streams as they change 
  • Provide metrics on return on investment to shift program focus from restrictions on cost expenditures to investment in future cost savings
  • Work with waste contractors and janitorial staff to improve program effectiveness

We have helped our clients to create, improve, and advance their recycling programs by improving communication, providing quality and sustainable recycling bins and stations, and by showing return on investment. We’ll help you right size your recycling to match your volume, and future proof to ensure your recycling stations will grow with your program. 

Experience at work

At CleanRiver®, we also live by what we have learned and we engage in the same practices we share with you and your organization, including green manufacturing and sustainable printing. We are active in trade shows and participate in speaking engagements to proactively educate on successful recycling programs.

Learn more about Our Way and our commitment to sustainability.