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Adaptable, configurable, and future ready recycling containers. Transition® series containers feature stream-specific, interchangeable openings and internal dividers with the ability to right-size the stream capacities. Learn more about what makes Transition® products the most innovative recycling containers and browse the full line of Transition® recycling and waste containers.

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R2 Recycled Recycler™

The Recycled Recycler™ Series were the first recycling containers to be manufactured from long lasting, 98% post-consumer recycled HDPE plastic lumber. This product line combines classic hand-craftsmanship with new technologies to achieve aesthetic, durable and highly effective recycling containers. The Recycled Recycler™ line of products also offers intelligent Adaptation-Ready features which allow you to modify your collection streams in the field, protecting your investment and increasing the long-term effectiveness of your recycling program.

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Mini Bin™

Introduced by Midpoint International in 1992, the Mini Bin™ makes people think before they toss. It challenges users to reduce the amount of garbage they generate at their desks by moving their trash container out from under the desk and reducing it to the size of a large soft drink container. The Mini Bin program has played a huge part in helping hundreds of organizations around the world to reduce the amount of recycling that ends up in landfills. Mini Bins are available for waste, compost and battery collection applications.

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Frost™ Products is a leading North American manufacturer of Sanitation and Architectural accessories since 1961. CleanRiver® has partnered with Frost™ to bring the benefits of our Transition® series to their market leading metal recycling stations.

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