Refine Your Recycling Program

Once your recycling program is in place, you need to keep it top-of-mind to maintain your success and build on it. 

After the first week, and again after the first month, review your plan and assess what worked and what didn't, including questions such as:
  • Does staff need more education about acceptable materials in the streams?
  • Are the recycling graphics and slogans clear?
  • Are the recycling containers properly placed and serviced?
  • Is there still engagement from the staff in the recycling program as a whole?

After 6 months, and at regular intervals throughout the recycling program, ask yourself and your Green Team the following questions:

  • Do your recycling graphics need to be refreshed?
  • Do you need additional recycling containers?
  • Do you need to refresh staff on the importance of the recycling program and maintaining clean streams?
  • Has your waste hauler changed what streams to collect?
  • Do you need to adjust the capacity of your streams

After you've conducted a complete audit of your recycling program, look at areas for improvement:

  • Are there streams that can be eliminated or need to be modified?
  • Are there items that can be replaced with a more sustainable item i.e. plastic stir sticks that end up in trash can be replaced with wooden ones that can be composted.