Setting Up a Recycling Program

Beginning your environmental journey with a coordinated recycling program

Your organization likely already does some aspects of recycling, and now you’re looking to start on the journey to environmental stewardship by creating a coordinated recycling program. In taking this next step, you’re on your way not only to reducing your carbon footprint, but also to improving efficiencies and cost savings.

Even if you’re starting small, it’s important to think about various aspects of your organization to maximize the benefits of your recycling program. Take a look at your current processes and the premises themselves to see how they can be made to work together for improved flow, from the front door to the back.

Information and advice to help you launch and advance your recycling program

CleanRiver® has over 20 years of experience in facilitating successful recycling programs. From first steps to measured return on investment, we’re sharing our knowledge to help you get started. Learn more about:

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