Standard Graphic Solutions

Choose our graphics for clean streams in your recycling programs

If a recycling program is easy for the user to understand, they are much more likely to participate. That’s why we developed CleanSort™ Graphics: to provide you with posters and labels for your recycling containers for greater engagement and success.

At CleanRiver®, we have over 10 years of experience in developing best practices for recycling graphics that drive the success of your program. All of our recycling containers come equipped with standard label and poster options, and all of those standard graphics incorporate everything we have learned and cover all the basics you need to communicate clearly and quickly.

Recycling Posters

Users can immediately see what goes where with a CleanSort™ poster above a recycling container, or promote your company or organization's recycling program with professionally designed signage.

We have a wide variety of standard posters that cover most situations and allow for customization to accommodate logos, different languages, and small amounts of text.

We also offer fully customized posters which may include your branding; special recycling slogans and phrases specific to your recycling program; replacement of trademarked product packaging with more generic artwork or custom artwork designs to match existing graphics you may be using; and images of key recyclable materials specific to your location.

Not sure where to start? Use our step-by-step guide by visiting our Poster Customization Chart >>

Recycling Labels 

CleanSort™ Graphics offers a variety of recycling labels that are designed to complement your recycling and waste management program whether purchased on their own or as part of a CleanRiver® Recycling Solutions system.

CleanSort™ graphics are printed in-house so our labels can be completely customized for your recycling program and region, including color matching, logos, and more.

Our recycling labels also come in nine standard colors that complement the colors of CleanRiver® Recycling Solutions' Recycled Recycler™ and Transition® Series containers.