The Transition® Philosophy

Adaptable, Configurable and Future Ready Recycling Containers!

Change is constant - the ability to right-size your containers is critical to any recycling program. Imagine a trash container with the ability to transform into a multi-stream recycling station! Transition® recycling containers do just that and are so flexible you never have to buy a regular trash can again. Think about it – trash cans seriously outnumber recycling stations in most facilities. As a result, material that could be recycled or composted ends up in landfill and potentially valuable recycling commodities are lost.

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Along with adapting to changes in your collection streams, the Transition® TPM is designed to be upgradable by using it as a configurable liner in a variety of specialized containers. The Transition opening plates can also be repurposed on the new container - further protecting your investment. The remaining lid is even completely recyclable!

Discover the benefits of Transition® series recycling and waste containers:

  • Responsible to your bottom line with Transition Ready™ growth potential
  • Flexibility to "right-size" your capacity with adjustable dividers and to change restrictive opening plates
  • Full-color graphic label and poster options ensure clean recycling streams
  • Safe and practical for patrons